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We were and will always be sister subreddit of GenderCritical. This dating subreddit is exclusively for women interested in f/f relationships with XX Chromosomes! We focus on effective dating strategies for women who know what they want, and want to take control of their dating lives. We also focus on strategies to maintain a healthy relationship that benefits you. Spinster @LesbianDatingStrategy Email [email protected]

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A place to talk about gay/lesbian/bisexual dating

2020.09.29 10:21 thatboyrandall Candles? Incense? Something? What do y’all use?

not sure if there’s a correct sub for this question. But I’m a lesbian and the candles subreddit seems to have not very many active people lol
I’m not very into the strong scented candles. The ones that smell like...idk...vanilla, blueberry cheesecake, pumpkin spice, middle schooler on her first date and she sprays herself with her fruity mist spray that lasts for an hour but their date smells it long enough to want to make it Snapchat official..etc etc. /s
I’m more into those smells that are deemed more “masculine” Like I wear men’s deodorant because a lot of women’s deodorant from the same brand gives me a headache. I like cologne better just because of the smell.
Is there anything y’all would recommend? Whether it be candles, incense, sprays. I’m up for anything. I just want my room to smell good but without such a flowery smell
I just hate that I have to look up “masculine smells” But I genuinely don’t know what else to look up, everything on Amazon is all “manly” of course “Oak wood” “I just shot my first deer while simultaneously fishing and catching a 14lbs bass” /s
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2020.09.29 09:34 R3dd1tWr1t3r Me and my husband - Mitski Mitski

imagine, it's 1950s a girl born in a royal family, who regardless of her amazing life, hates it, she absolutely hates it, everybody in her family treats the workers at her palace like shit, but she didn't, she was nice to them and would joke around with them to lighten the mood from time to time, she grows up realizing how fucked up her family is and she falls in love with somebody, a girl, a farmer, she secretly dates her and she knows that if her family finds out shes a lesbian, she'll get executed, she grows up accepting she's a lesbian and finally graduates UNI, she was gonna run away from her family, but got caught and is having an arranged marriage to a very ( emotionally and psychically ) abusive prince, she doesn't want to get married to him, she decides to give her gf an outfit and told her to act like a servant, it's her wedding day, she's never cried more than that day. and she starts singing this song to cope with her grief, knowing she won't be able to marry the one she loves, the two lesbians end up killing themselves hoping they'll meet in the afterlife and finally be happy tgth in heaven, but that doesn't happen, instead they become white, floating spirits, no facial features, no voice, just thoughts that only they can hear, they don't know who's who, who they are, and what they're past was, they get reborn into the children of the royal's servants.
Link- me and my husband by Mitski Mitski
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2020.09.29 09:32 R3dd1tWr1t3r Me and My husband - Mitski Mitski

imagine, it's 1950s a girl born in a royal family, who regardless of her amazing life, hates it, she absolutely hates it, everybody in her family treats the workers at her palace like shit, but she didn't, she was nice to them and would joke around with them to lighten the mood from time to time, she grows up realizing how fucked up her family is and she falls in love with somebody, a girl, a farmer, she secretly dates her and she knows that if her family finds out shes a lesbian, she'll get executed, she grows up accepting she's a lesbian and finally graduates UNI, she was gonna run away from her family, but got caught and is having an arranged marriage to a very ( emotionally and psychically ) abusive prince, she doesn't want to get married to him, she decides to give her gf an outfit and told her to act like a servant, it's her wedding day, she's never cried more than that day. and she starts singing this song to cope with her grief, knowing she won't be able to marry the one she loves, the two lesbians end up killing themselves hoping they'll meet in the afterlife and finally be happy tgth in heaven, but that doesn't happen, instead they become white, floating spirits, no facial features, no voice, just thoughts that only they can hear, they don't know who's who, who they are, and what they're past was, they get reborn into the children of the royal's servants.
Me and My Husband by Mitski Mitski
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2020.09.29 07:09 Ok-Effective4775 I often hear gay men say it's surprising how many straight and married men they hook up with, I never heard lesbians bragging or saying the same things about straight and married women, does it happen WAY less or is it just less talked about?

I have literally never heard of the lesbian version. The most I have heard is lesbians being flirted with on dating websites by women whose boyfriends want a threesome.
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2020.09.29 07:02 AccomplishedCountry4 Identified as lesbian but don’t know

Hi people . Since I was 16 I identified as a lesbian . I tried with boys even have sex with them but I just never felt ANYTHING about them I just kept looking for a girl .... like never felt love , attention or attraction... with girls is different . I love girls so much . The thing is that I’m not into femme girls . I’m into tomboy girls that’s the way I like them .... If I see a tomboy wants to be with me I wouldn’t even think about it I would say Yassss immediately HAHAHA ... about guys I just feel bad, insecure even I feel a little bit of sickness I can’t find myself interested in them ; when I dated these guys I just didn’t felt anything . I was very happy in the state I felt and I was very secure of feeling lesbian but now knowing the fact that I like tomboys makes me insecure ... like i dint feel like I am a lesbian enough for not liking feminine girls . It’s silly but is what is happening .... Dwting a guy now scares me a lot when back then was a very natural thing that I just wouldn’t do .but now it scares me I don’t know if I have to give myself the chance with a guy again knowing I failed in the past because is obvious my preference on women .... I think I feel pressure of being the perfect lesbian that I’m doubting about my sexuality.
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2020.09.29 06:50 Sbadkitty Any poly women here?

Hi everyone! I just discovered this sub, and I'm glad it's here. I'm wondering if there are any other poly or consensually non monogamous WLW here. I'm 43 and bi. My GF is lesbian of similar age. We've only been dating a few months and she's new to non monogamy. Things are going well so far, but I'd love to be able to tell her there are other happy poly WLW our age out there. Most of the queer poly people I've encountered online and in person have been quite young. I have nothing against young folk (I sure feel old saying that), but I'd love to make some friends and chat with women with more life and relationship experience.
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2020.09.29 06:49 rose4489 Aita for converting my religion and letting my gf eat on Yom Kippur?

Super sorry for the flammable content.
I (24F) have never been a believer. I came from a really terrible religious house with an ultra orthodox father who gave me hell for being a lesbian. So naturally I grew up hating religion and resenting God.
Three years ago I met my fiancé (26F) and she is a believer but not keeping the mitzvahot. (Not rly religious) and she knows about my lack of believe and was ok with it. Was, though.
A few months ago she was in a car accident, and we spent a few weeks in the hospital. This experience brought her closer to God and she started praying and trying to convince me to believe and that she "was saved thank to God", she cried and asked me to promise her that I'll start believing and thank God, and that is the part where I am an ah, I promised, yet never specified which God.
Since I am "angry" with God, I started looking into Christianity, and fell in love. Started praying to Jesus and finally felt like I found my God. I've kept it a secret until a few days ago, before yom Kippur, and in a moment of drunkness, I told her. She said I can believe in whatever I want and she will never judge me, yet when I tried to bring it up again the next day she brushed me off.
When yom Kippur started she did fest, but after a few hours she got really hungry and cried to me about it, so I told her to eat if she wanted (she didn't fest last year so I thought it wasn't a big deal) This went on for a few minutes until she asked that I'll make her something to eat. The moment Kippur ended she went out to talk to her friends and since we live in an incredibly tiny apartment I overheard a bit, I swear that it wasn't on purpose. I heard her friend being in shock that my gf didn't fest and blaming be that I ruined it for her and that I'm a sinner, and my gf agreeing saying that I lied when I promised I'd start believing and that I'm a bad influence.
When she got back I was already really hurt and offended so I asked her how am I at fault here, to which she replied that she didn't signed up to dating a non Jewish person, and that i should have fested with her out of respect for her and for God, instead of "leading her to the wrong way" I told her that she had shitty friends and that I am very much not at fault for her lack of will power to fest yet I feel really guilty, for everything.
Am I the asshole here?
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2020.09.29 06:39 MissLilak Why does it seem like lesbians are anti-Bi?

I’m Bi? Well that’s another post in itself. But, why does it seem like lesbians avoid Bi women? If I’m wrong about this I apologize. I do not want to offend. I haven’t dated women before. But, online at least. It seems some lesbians avoid Bi women. If this offends I apologize, I just don’t have the experience yet. To understand WLW life yet.
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2020.09.29 05:59 meowdeer Does anyone feel less attraction during quarantine?

For context, before Coronavirus stay at home orders, I had recently ended an almost year-long relationship but was still interested in getting into dating again.
When Coronavirus first hit, I thought it would be a good thing because I could take a break and focus on myself more. But after nine months of quarantine, my romantic and sexual drive feels almost nonexistent. I'll watch a lesbian movie here and there, but I feel more of an investment in the characters onscreen than I feel a longing for any relationship of my own.
Just wondering if anyone can relate to this.
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2020.09.29 05:05 reallycooldragon I'm a cis woman and I'm worried that I come across as a chaser

Sorry for the loaded title but I don't know how else to phrase it. I also posted here before, but used a throwaway and I can't remember the login info. Maybe someone will figure out who I am, oh well. Sorry this ended up being so long, tl;dr at the end.
I'm a cis lesbian, I was definitely a late bloomer in realizing that I am a lesbian. Until a few months ago I thought that I was bisexual and tried going on dates with men. Then I had a revelation that I can't see myself falling in love with a man and my attraction to them was mostly forced. I guess I'm homoflexible, I could see myself hooking up with a man in the future but the idea doesn't appeal to me as much as it did when I thought I was bi.
So far I've only been on dates with 2 women, and both of them are trans. I don't want to go into too much detail but neither of them have had bottom surgery. I did end up getting naked on both first dates. In retrospect this was mostly passive on my part: both women messaged me first, they were the ones to ask me on a date, and they also initiated the sex.
I'm friends with benefits with one of the women ("fwb") and she asked me about my history with other women and I was honest with her, I told her that I'm a baby gay so I've only been with one other woman. Fwb asked me something sexual and I had to tell her that the other woman is also trans and has not had bottom surgery. The next day during an unrelated conversation, fwb told me that if I am a chaser, she wouldn't mind.
Obviously, I'm not going to randomly disclose my sexual history with my dates, but at the same time if they ask, I'm going to be honest. I just took a brief glance through my most recent matches on Tinder, and it seems like half or more are trans women. I'm not just assuming, they say it in their profile. Whether or not someone is trans doesn't influence how I swipe on them - I think I've swiped right (and left) on more cis women than trans women but I end up matching more often with trans women. I do live in Seattle so I'm sure that we have a higher population of trans people.
I don't like sitting around waiting for someone to message me. But now that I've gone on dates with 2 women, and both were trans, I'm scared to send the first message. I'm worried that if I message a woman and she happens to be trans, I'll go out with her, the topic of my wlw relationship history will come up, and she'll think I'm a chaser. At the same time though, I'm not going to only message women whose profile don't say they're trans.
I don't think that I'm a chaser. I think it's just coincidence that both women who have asked me on dates are trans. But a lot of my matches happen to be trans women so I'm second guessing myself. I don't make any sort of assumptions about genitals, nor do I have a genital preference. I just want to share my life with a woman someday and I'm worried that I'm going to alienate a sizable population before that happens. I really hope I'm overthinking this.
tl;dr: I'm a cis baby lesbian. The two women I've gone out with and have hooked up with happen to both be trans and neither have had bottom surgery. A lot of my matches on Tinder are trans. I'm worried that I look like a chaser, or that I am a chaser, and as a result I'm worried to approach any women. (Well, more worried than normal.)
Edit: lol just realized I didn't even ask a question: How do I approach trans women without coming across like a chaser?
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2020.09.29 05:03 Naglesh 19 [F4F] US/Anywhere, Gaymer looking for for a LTR, or friends.

I’m a trans furry gaymer girl (I WISH it was gay mergirl, but nope) who is looking for a long term, monogamous relationship. I want to be friends with people before trying to date them, but also making friends is cool too (please state what ya wanna do though, it’ll make it easier for the both of us). I also wish to date someone somewhat in my age range (no more than like five years older than me please).
On gayming (yes this is the correct spelling): I’m a PC and “Switch” gaymer who plays League of Legends, Pokemon, Warframe, Destiny 2, and sometimes I’ll play Minecraft, Starbound, or Terraria. For League, I’m mostly a Jhin/ADC main. For Pokemon, I mostly play solo and for fun. Warframe and Destiny 2 are fun to play, but grinding for stuff gets a bit boring. For the sandboxes, I honestly don’t play them that much as the others, but they’re still fun.
For other hobbies, I will sometimes read, write, and watch Netflix or Youtube. I don’t read that often (and I am a bigger fan of comics), but Rick Riordan is a pretty cool writer, and anything lesbian/trans is automatically a big “gotta read it” for me. I don’t write much at all, but I am trying to start up stories that I honestly think are pretty cool. Speaking of stories, D&D is also pretty cool, and while it’s been a while since I’ve played, it’s still a pretty cool game. I watch Netflix for a mix of furry content, stand-up, gay (She-Ra anyone?), and just movies that I’ve heard have been good. Youtube is my paradise, I mostly use it for music and watching funny gamers (unfortunately not gaymers), or Unus Annus stuff. Humor might be a thing I’m really into.
Also, NB peeps and T girls are welcome, yall are cool <3
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2020.09.29 04:23 ThrowRA_Yikes1 Me (18F) and my girlfriend (19F) don't know what to do with my homophobic parents

Hi everyone, hope you all are comfortable because this is probably about to be a long one. First, I'll give you all the backstory.
My parents are religious (Buddhism) and pretty traditional. My parents want me to find a guy and marry him. That shattered when they found out I was talking to my now-girlfriend through my diary. I personally knew how my parents felt about homosexuals, so I did my best to avoid the conversation when I was still in high school. I spent time with my girlfriend at her house, but even that was limited since my parents are the type to helicopter and track me. So, after they found out that I'm bisexual/lesbian, we've had a long talk. A talk that still happens every now and then for the past three years. They told me that this is not acceptable, I have to be with a guy and only a guy because that's how this world is, people will hate on me, and no one will support me.
In respect, I will not be telling everything about what had happened in the last three years, but it's been hard. My mother just absolutely avoids me for about a week (or two) anytime I mention my girlfriend or when I got back from her parent's house. I only have conversations with my father, and they absolutely go nowhere. Although my father doesn't understand English very well, I made it known and clear that I am not breaking up with my girlfriend. I am and have been doing well in school while I'm with my girlfriend, and tried to reason with him that I need a balance between school, family, and my partner. They mentioned many times that they will not support me if I'm still dating her and no one will support me financially, but they still love me. To reply to that, I told them many times that I will not respect them until they respect me and my choices on who I date, especially since I'm going to be with a girl. Still no progress.
My girlfriend and I have been dating for almost three years. We graduated from high school back in May (caravan style) and currently in college about an hour and a half away from each other. We know that we will not be able to be with each other every week since she's in a dorm and I'm in my house. The house I'm currently in is being remodeled by my father, so he comes up every weekend (sometimes every other weekend) to work on it.
At this point, here's what I was thinking: Okay, I've moved out. I'm in college and I'm going to grow as a person. I'm going to take this opportunity to grow and branch out. I'm about two hours away from my parent's house, surely there shouldn't be an issue if my girlfriend stays for the weekend. Surely they'll be a bit more ~calm~ regarding this situation.
I was entirely wrong.
I found out that my father still does not support me at all, the same goes for my mother. I told my father that my girlfriend will be staying the weekend, it's already getting late and the sun is setting early that night. My father replied and said no, absolutely not. Gave no reason at all, just no. He called me and say that I never listen to him and what he says, I don't respect him. I asked for a reason and he never gave one. I told him that I am not making my girlfriend drive back to her dorm when it's already getting late. Keep in mind that I told him this when my father was just leaving his house. He continued to drive all the way to my house and when he realized that she's not leaving, he decided to call me back and say that he's going to drive back to his home.
I can't do anything independent until I can fully find a job and rely on that instead of my parents.
TLDR; homophobic parents, been dating my girlfriend for three years, it's still just as bad. What do I do?
To all you helpful Redditors, what should I do with the situation I'm currently in?
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2020.09.29 03:54 zuzyzoom Can I be a lesbian if? Confused AF

24 F currently questioning if im actually a lesbian or bi. Very difficult. The only guy I'd be with truly is my ex. (He was my best friend and we dated for 2 years. Ultimately broke up bc I fell out of love with him, we didn't have sex anymore and when we did it felt like a chore and wasn't very into it, and the lil fact that I wanted to figure out my sexuality about possibly liking wome). I just read the "am I a lesbian masterdoc" which helped with a lot of Qs. A large sign is pointing towards being a lesbian. Ik labels aren't important but I feel like I need one for this because if I don't, I'll just be in this limbo. I call myself gay in the mirror and 100% vibe with it and feel comfortable saying I'm gay/lesbian. But the fact that i may want to get back with my ex (male) is concerning. Im not sure if its compulsory heterosexuality that I'm feeling or not. It could be that I only love him deeply as a friend. I could have sex with him and it may be okay but at the end of the day. Whenever a dude asks for me to talk dirty or sends me a dick pick or tells me they r hard and wanna jerk to me. I am disgusted. Does anyone else have any website or articles like the masterdoc? Any advice or something. Legit so confused.
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2020.09.29 03:29 trashkermit still want attention from men—is this common?

i’ve just recently figured out that i’m lesbian (26) after a lot of soul searching during quarantine. it’s been extremely nice to begin understanding myself.
i’ve read and reread the master doc (like many others) and so much resonated with me. the reassurance is extremely nice.
one thing that still continues to bother me is that, despite knowing i don’t like being with men, i still love their attention. comphet has gotten me messed up about what it is i truly want.. i keep having to remind myself that, although i think i might have a crush on a man, being intimate with men feels wrong. my body rejects any intimacy with men. i don’t like dating them. i don’t like sex with them. i don’t like anything more than friendship with them.
yet, i still find myself trying to be attractive to them. i keep reminding myself that if i do attract them, no one wins, but it’s hard not to desire their attention. i feel disgusting for wanting that.
anyway, my question is: have any of you experienced something similar? how do you get past these feelings? do they eventually go away with time?
thank you in advance for any help<3
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2020.09.29 01:53 Confusion200 Help me out

I'm struggling to figure out if I'm bi I'm really struggling with it at the moment and I need help. I'm 16(M).
Right so basically I've had these thoughts for many years but I always thought it was just down to hormones because I didn't really know a lot about the LGBTQ+ community and genuinely thought it was just gay and lesbian. When I got secondary/high school I learned more stuff about it through social media and realised that what I was thinking wasn't just down to hormones. I genuinely thought I was straight up gay for awhile but I thought I couldn't be because I've kissed girls and only dates girls but I found my attraction to males online through porn and other stuff. Then I kinda realised I'm aroused by women and men. I've never done stuff with a male except share pictures once. And I've never done stuff with a girl except kiss a few and shared pictures with an ex girlfriend. Other than that I really have no experience with anything of that sort except from watching it online.
I really don't know if that helps anyone in to helping me figure out if I'm bisexual or not but if it does please let me know and give me advice. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
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2020.09.29 00:46 Rock-Debris Inexinstant trust

Hey every one! First of all, I'm really sorry if I make mistakes. I'm French and not really good at English. I need to talk to someone about my problem, it will be really personal but I need advices. It will be sexual honestly. I'm sorry if I bother anyone. Well, where to begin? When I was 10, a group of girls took nudes pictures of me and shared them to all the school. It was during a school trip in England. So during 4 days, they took pictures of me, threatened me, and caused my fall to hell. I began to have a depression at this age. I was bullied since I was 8, but it became worst after that. When I was 14, my bullies began to sexually harassed me. They touched me, told really bad things about women. One thing that really traumatised me was one of the guy. Darwinn. He was one of my bullies and he was a friend when I was 8. He has a girlfriend, Mathilde (I was friend with her when I was 13). One day, in the bus, he started to touch me again. But his girlfriend was watching. I looked a her, I was literally begging her to stop him with my eyes. She looked at me and laughed. After telling my psychologist my plan to kill myself, he managed to tell the whole story to my parents and a psychiatrist. I changed of school. In the first days, I saw a girl. The prettiest I have ever seen. Within a week I learn that she was lesbian. I suddenly starting to have a big interest in her. We kissed and started dating. I really loved her. Sometimes, she was the only reason I couldn't kill myself. She was the reason why I continued to go to school. But the thing was, I was really traumatised by all the bad events I had in my past life. No one could look at me or even touch me. But I loved her so much, I forced myself to kiss her, hug her. Even though I couldn't look at her in the eyes. One day, she broke up with me. I was devastated and I told her that I would be better, and try my best to satisfy her needs. She accepted. Two weeks later, I invited her and some of my friends to hang out. She stayed with me that night. And she raped me. I couldn't talk. I couldn't stop her because I was so afraid of losing her. So I let her touch me. But when she tried to "do the thing", my whole body stood up and I told her to go to bed. She tried to continued to touch me, but my body was just... A cold wall.
I have a lot of issues, I won't deny it. But there is one that really make me suffer. Every time I'm with someone I think they are gonna rape me or touch me. The only person with I don't feel this way is with my brothers and sisters and my mom. But my father? He never did anything but I still have those thoughts. I really feel insecure. Yesterday, I was with a childhood friend and his friends. We all have a lot of fun. (it was one of the funniest day in my life). But when it was time to go home, me and my friends were walking together. But I couldn't help but thinking of him raping me. He is a really kind guy, one of the kindest I know. I am really worried. I only talk of it slightly with my mom. A lot of people took advantage of my weaknesses. In real life, on the internet, some people of my own family (my uncle always touched my legs or ass when I was younger. And my cousin raped my 5 years old sister.). A 40 years old friend of my mom, told me he wanted to marry me and have children with me. I'm 17. I can't even be around his store. I'm really scared of him now.
If someone look at me more than 3 seconds, I'll become really scared and aggressive. I don't know if it counts like a trauma, but I really think something is wrong with me. I just wanted someone to hear me. If anyone could give me any advice... I'll be really happy. I really need help. I have a lot of struggles in my life, but this one, is one of the biggest. Please, help me.
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2020.09.29 00:00 am-I-a-lesbian Reflecting on attraction

When I was in my teens, I began having these hard-to-describe feelings about girls that I saw from afar at punk shows. I’d learn their names from the guys I hung out with and I’d go home and try to think of ways to hang out with them. Remy with the lip ring. Apparently, she was bi... and oh. my. god. To somehow find a way to hang out one-on-one with Remy... without the guys finding out.
The feelings were new and different... and they were showing up for girls and not guys. I realize now that I got along well with guys and associated the excitement of a new guy friend with having a crush. And these mystery feelings about the beautiful girls I admired from afar? I guessed they were some weird form of jealousy attached to the knowledge that they were the prettiest women to ever grace the earth and I was just lucky to catch a glimpse of them every now and then.
And then I fought the feelings. But not because I didn’t want to be gay. I fought them because I didn’t want to be a jealous person. And I was seeing my attraction for women as jealousy! And as a feminist, I saw that jealousy as an inability to celebrate women’s beauty! I punished myself for that. I have unknowingly been fighting against my natural instincts for love and attraction for decades.
I had a date last night and it was amazing. I have spent today revisiting her smile and her cute shorts and her adorable bashful glances. I realize that my attraction to women feels different from what I was told attraction is supposed to feel like because it IS different.
I’ve spent months worried about whether I was asexual because now that I’ve realized I’m a lesbian, I don’t have some instantaneous crazy sex drive. But my date last night has helped me realize... I can’t say I’m asexual. In fact, I’m almost certain I’m not. It’s just that I don’t even know what sexuality is supposed to feel like for me! I am only now figuring out what a crush feels like. And holy cow, a crush is so good!
And the thought of being able to make HER feel GOOD... physically? Oh, wow. That is an exciting mystery that I cannot wait to explore.
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Reading some of these posts is making me sad. I read through this forum every day because I have a job in this industry and genuinely used to love the podcast (haven't listened since Sofia left). The entertainment value/stories were HILARIOUS. Some of the sex advice is pretty funny.
But seriously girls, picture me with a goddamn megaphone when you read the next thing:
I am 32 and I have BEEN THERE, trust me. I know what it's like to be totally in love with someone, trust them, not think someone is going to hurt you, assume decency from people, think random nudes etc are not a big deal, think sexting/DM flirting/following other chicks on IG is not a big deal etc.
I wanted to write this post after reading through a thread I was participating on about a girl whose boyfriend cheated on her. She casually mentioned wanting to replace a video of herself blowing him with a better one on his phone -- that's how she found out he was cheating.
I had to literally stand up and look around in disbelief.
Do you guys know what kind of pickmeisha shit this is????
I am saying this as someone who has done a lot of degrading things with men over the years. Nudes, filming sex (on my own phone but still), sex in public, embarrassing texting crap, letting the guy follow random girls on IG, etc.
Never again. Take it from me, ladies...there is ZERO (and I mean zero) dick worth the pain and suffering you will endure if you let someone take away your dignity. I don't care if he's rich, famous, hot, the most popular guy you know, etc etc etc. You will end up feeling terrible about yourself if you let someone degrade you, and those scars can take years to heal.
Some common things I see on this sub that IMO are not acceptable:
  1. Following random whores on Instagram, especially if they are "real life" people vs. random underwear influencers. You know that sinking feeling you get when you see your guy followed some girl who lives in your city and has zero connection to your friend group? That's your gut telling you SHIT IS NOT RIGHT. There is NO reason a guy you're dating seriously should be following girls on Instagram who aren't in your friend group or his coworkers. Come at me if you disagree, but every single time I've smelled smoke, there was fire.
  2. Sending nudes that include your face. Just no. I don't care if your guy is Jesus-level perfect. All men below a certain threshold of maturity (like, younger than your grandpa) show their friends and keep those nudes forever.
  3. Filming sex acts. Do not do it. You're not a porn star. It does not make you cool or chill.
  4. Tolerating "best female friends." Bitch, no. Just no. Female friends are fine, BEST friends, unless she's a lesbian or a childhood sibling-like friend, bad news written all over it. For me, I draw the line at, is he calling this girl up to hang out one on one without me on a regular basis? Then sis, it's time to pull back on that friendship. just reverse the situation. I had a guy I was dating get in a fight with me over my male friends and it really showed me that opposite sex besties are not okay. He put up with it until we were fighting about something else, and then he absolutely exploded. It showed me that neither of us should be having best friends of the opposite sex. It's not respectful.
  5. Sexting/flirting on any digital platform with any girl from the past. Nope.
I'm sure there are more but I have to end this post and do work.
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2020.09.28 23:45 badvibes0nly Bisexual But Really Want to Date Girls?

Hi! Would love a some advice. Bit of background, I’m a 20F who’s been out as bi for a few years now, though have previously thought I might be a lesbian. I’ve kissed girls before, but never further, and I’m currently in a year long relationship with a man.
Slight bit of NSFW ahead - lemme know if that’s not allowed and I’ll get rid of it!
I really love my boyfriend (21, and also bisexual), and can see a future with him, but I’m currently really fixated on the idea of dating a woman. Sex with him is alright, but I’ve never orgasmed (though I have through masturbating), though for me sex is not the be all and end all of a relationship - I’d quite happily be in an asexual relationship.
The problem is, is that I really want to date a woman atm, but as were not poly I don’t think he’d be down for it, and I don’t want to risk the good relationship I’ve got with him, as I do very much love him. I’m also aware he’d be fine with me having sex with other women, but I’m not interested in sex without a relationship. I also feel like I’d have missed out if I’ve lived my whole life without dating a woman.
Any advice is appreciated, and can any other bis relate :’)?
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2020.09.28 23:40 cl0set01 My boyfriend’s breaking up with me because i don’t want to have sex

i’m in high school and have been dating my boyfriend for two years. we’ve had a lot of arguments and issues and he’s broken up with me multiple times, but we’re okay most of the time. he was diagnosed with a disorder that makes it hard for him to trust people and that’s why he has a lot of doubts and thoughts of me cheating on him. i’m very loyal and i’ve never even thought about doing anything like that.
earlier, he got really mad at this girl for saying she switches between being asexual and hypersexual. he told me it’s because you can’t just change sexualities, and i told him it shouldn’t matter to him because it’s not really hurting him, and i also told him i feel like that too. i go long periods of time not wanting to do anything sexual and then the opposite.
we haven’t had sex in months because i tell him i’m just not in the mood and i’m not comfortable doing anything right now. today he got really upset because i said the thing about asexuality or whatever. maybe it’s my fault for not showing him i love him with that, but i also know i can’t help how i feel and i have been telling him it’s not something i want to do.
he started accusing me of cheating on him and not being attracted to him, and he started bringing up my ex boyfriend and that i probably had more sex with him. i told him it doesn’t matter and it’s not true anyways, so he started saying i’m lesbian and i’m only dating him because i think it’s funny??
he also said he’s mad that we haven’t had sex and that he really wants to and when i said he was gaslighting me, he said it’s because i’m not attracted to him.
i feel like he doesn’t care much about me because he always makes my problems about him and uses them against me. i feel like i can’t leave him because i love him, but also he’s told me that he’ll kill himself if i do. he told me “it’s not a threat because i’m actually gonna do it”. he also recently attempted and a good friend and i had to call the authorities to find him and get him home, but they didn’t really do much other than that. he just went home that night and still only has monthly therapy sessions which usually get canceled anyways.
i really need advice on what to do, we’re really happy together most of the time but sex really matters a lot to him. idk what to do.
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2020.09.28 23:36 crdaly95 “UHaul Lesbian?” How about “UHaul male FWB”

Anyone else feel like the “UHaul lesbian” stereotype is totally unfair? Cause I dabble in some men occasionally (bisexual homoromantic here) who know up front I do not want anything serious and I legit had a guy say the second day “man, are you sure you’re not romantically attracted to dudes? I just feel like we vibe so well, like I could imagine a life with you” 🤦🏼‍♀️ this has legit happened to me and two thirds of the men I dated before I realized I was gay did the same thing within the first month of dating... why do men fall so hard? Women are more of a challenge 😏
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2020.09.28 23:36 samanthapantha00 Stories of the Bi-cycle?

I’m a newbie on this sub, but was wondering if people could share their stories of the “bi-cycle” and what it is for them?
I’ll keep it brief, but was a straight girl my entire life til I told my boyfriend I was having dreams of hooking up with women. We split. Dated several men after but ultimately landed head first in lesbian land. Got a solid pack of lez friends and swore off men for the next 7 years. Found myself deep in a 3 year relationship with my current girlfriend when I was introduced to my ex roommate’s brother in law. You know exactly what happened next. There was just something about him. After all my horrible experiences with men for years and swearing them off, I fall head over heels for this one. Lucky a few months into it the guy ditched me because I had a health issue he wasn’t on board with. (see, men are assholes lol jk) But here I am, back with my girfriend creating a new, honest, and different relationship with the “real me.” I am concerned about the “why” behind all the choices I made. It wasn’t just because I needed to feel alive again.... I worry there was something about THAT guy. He was like this illusion of everything the straight me ever wanted in a man and waited 30 years to find.... and I still think about him at times. At the sake of being totally shamed, in my narcisstic world I would’ve kept both and had a committed closed relationship with both of them. I’m getting a therapist on board for this one, but I wanted to hear others stories of how they managed to sort out their own sexuality? Or how to break the cycle if you truly love things found in each gender?
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