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Episode 39 - Orcward

2018.02.16 01:00 alt_rightMIL0fag69 Episode 39 - Orcward

Dear diary,
Well, Kolo got Stanri killed last week but he did his job and protected Kolo so I guess alls is wells that ends wells. I was gonna rebuild him anyway with some new secret plans that I have made up in my head anyway so it is not even that much of a problem. His metal brain is still in one piece so we won’t lose any data. I managed to cobble together a couple of new tricksy trick things from his scraps to help us in the dungeon to make up for the lack of claws and teeth.
After the excitenment of last week we decided we were going to have a little restsies and took over the lovely camp. I stayed up to watch out wih Kolo but I was ever so tired and I could feel my gabrin eyes getting heaveer and heaveer. BUT THEN Kolo shouted out that something was coming. Kolo was straight into action and fired a bow and/or arrow at it. He was shoked by the extra surprise that his bow was able to extra surprise the creature that at that point none of us could even see. Myron tensed his muscles and got ready so I got ready too. Riphard went to take a look and was all like “bloody hell” and did a shot. I don’t know what came over him but for once his shooting was top notch. It’s lyke he was a new man almost. The monstaer came ito the room and me and myron did our shots and shot it good. The perfect couple ;) It looked horrid and was like a big white thing with horns and did roors of angerand ice came out of its mouth everywhere. Kolo went down immediately. Bernee ran to help him up and told me to kill the thing. A big ask. Myron was all vcovered in snow like a snowman and triedd to kill the thing but his gun was all full of snow. I was inspired and shot the thing and i was so furious and then i threw the mideicne to bernie to give to kolo but i was also really neervous about him and then rippy was touching himself and then he was smiting the thunder everywehre. The big creature looked down at myron and then myron stopped moving, cold as ice. Bernie dragged kolo back to the fire and give him the medicine and then hes better and walkingabut again. Kolo was straightback into his bowing and he was furious of the small. Myron looked back at the monster and suddenly his coak like snapped and all the ice just like flew off him amazing. I told kolo to get back to me and I shot the thing and shot it so hard because bernie and it’s head explaoded. I helpled kolo with the elctircity to make him feel good. Riphard went to myron and helped him get more feeling better. Our mouths dropped. Since when coud riphard even do this?? It was amazing.
Kolo and I went to work and kolo cstrated cutting it all up while i ran a little scane. It was so much quicker when i could use stanri to do the scans. I made a couple of armors for peopel and gave it to kolo and myron. Burnie asked about my shakey device. How could he know about this????????? I literally only invented it today and have neve reven used it. Kolo tried to pickpoket the files tha burniee is always hiding. He said it just had a middlee fingger picture in it. Why is he studying fingers???? Tricksy.
Myron did another talk to us to motivate us abotu not dygin. Burnie tooko the monster skinss. He also put his fist into the wargg and put some snow monsterer meat into its bottom. Myron took the kokokola. I hope its still goood after all theat time at th ebottom of bagsy. Kolo had one too and they gave eachtoher a shared look, a knowing look of shared experience. That look still haunts me….
Senpai and kolo led the way down the corridor where the snow monsetr was. Kolo and myron were acting a bit odd. We went into a big room that was “decidedly empty”. Just fire and hooks and a pen. Kolo ran into a little house screaming giddily abuot the magic house. The war drums wer still banging and they were much closer now. Much closer. Bernie otok a moment to apprecaite the arkitectuer. Myron called a huddle. He said the ackshun was donw the slope and offeredn us too ways to go: cut off the head of the fish and see whats inside, aor not go there and go and see the others to see if anyone was going to bother us while we were bothering them. Kolo found more houses. Myorn said “look look look look look look”. And then he said we were going through the little one but all sneaky. Something is not right with these two. Myron ran back to get his pack which he lefat by the fire and took a moment to appreshiate the scent of burneis meal cooking.
We passed through a narrow sseries f ocracks in the walls. Burnei was checking for traps after we had already walked through everywhere. After some crawling we could finally see fire in the disatnce. I left the boys to talk about tortoises and sneaked forwadr to see what was going on. It lokoed liek a celebration and there wer two big orcs there and there were loads of orcs. Oh god myrona nd kolo were being so loud. I checked bagsy and found kolos clear liquid and his speed powder. I thought carefully and decided to give them to kolo. He knows best I am 110% sure. 110%.......
Kolo was the first to act. Of course he was. He sneaked off into a hut and awalked like a tortoise there, and then he was pretending to be what looked like a sausage rolling along the roof. It looked like he was trying to get the hookah pipe. I told him to put on his armor but it looked like there awas a problem. I heard the “wwhummmmp” from where I was and so did the orcs. It was on. Kolo sprang to action faster than bernie. “TORTOISE TO ME” he said huffing the white powder like a champ. A champ who knew no fear at alll. He started to swell up all over, his little gabrin face and arms swelling up. Bernie said he heard somethign about them celebreating the blessings of kalimar. Kolo came back to us. Bernie took a flask of oil and put a hole in it and then didn’t. He stepped forward breavely shielding kolo and gave us a smile and raised his sword. The big boys ran at him. He headbutted them really hard. It was cool and the first one just dropped like a pigeon. Myron looked at me and he said “stay here stay safe, no matter what happens ill get your borther out”. So hot. So so hot. He just jumped and crashed down and started shooting like a boss. Rip is here too we remember. Myron put kolo on his shoulders and kolo started singing his swollen song “goblin turtle ninja power”. I told rippy we needed his help and killed an orc. The biggest boy walked through the flames and shouted out “kill them for kalifar” in a very scary way and he made the orcs attack. THey couldnt even hti them hahahaha. Rippy stepped up and hesitated and thought and then he blessed his bullet sand even killed it (he was being so good today) and then what he then did was he reloaded really fast and then he shot another orc and he killed aother one. This is amzing. I was in awe. I think we all were. We never knew he was capable of this. “I hate these green slimy bastards….and the orcs”. I was not even mad. Kolo was on it too “TURTLE POWR!!!” and just destroye danother orc. Bernie found himself feeling very aloen at the fornt of the battle. Myron ran up to help him as he got hit lots and just went mental with his gun pacifier and the orog didnt look so smug anymoroe he didnt and was bleeding heavily. Bernie was all like “you aint working for kalimor we are” which didnt make sense but then he fainted and then he sworded them more and then he dodged randomly. I loaded in a myron bullet and waited. I waited and waited, steadyyyyy steadddyyyy and then the big guy came close enough and i shot that fire hell at him and his friends. One orc just exploded and the other orogs looked bad. The big guy just kept goingg!!! And he was going towards myron !!! Rippy stepped up again and was so nonchalant. He just shot an orc without killing it, regressing to the mean. KOLO DIVED IN “TURRRRTLEEE POOOWEEERRRR” aiming his knives at their ballsakcs. BOth died, clutching their uselss testicles, wondering where they had gone so wrong in their lives. Kolo wore them like puppets. Horrible testicle puppets. Bernie fainted and attacked the little orc and then it was nt alive anymore. He let out a rather lame “totem power” missing the point completely once again. Myron threw his bayonet into him and i tried to shot him but bernies voice annoyed me and i was worried about hitting myron. Why does he think kolo would be sayign “totem power”?? Rippy had another go but regressed to the mean even more. Kolo kept screaming about turtles tat burnie while he rolled around on his knees trying to hit the big man but he couldnt because of the outrage. Bernie shouted “time to end this” and I laughed. Against all odds he actually killed the big man. Just like that. I could not even believe we survived that. We were so surrounded. Epic
We didn’t even have any time to rest, kolo just ran off faster than we could catch him. He came into a large room and another load of orcs and a big orc and wargs and the big orc had red paint on his face and he was talking to the others. The big orc was looking at a big hole in the ground, and he puleld ouap the handfuls of the red stuff and but it on his face. Bernie sadi it lokoed like a blood orgy and he had been to a few. I don’t know what an orgy is. Myron grabbed kol and told hi they were turtlel buddies anf that they had tomaximiese their turtlel power by coming back and then we could make a bottole neck to attackk. Kolo expresesd the neede for us to get a move on because his product has bad efefcts the longer it goes on. Myron led everyone on a turtle quest. WE headed in the back way adn we had a bit aof a deabte/fight about what to do if it was being sneaky or not. Somehow the plan became to do some shoots and then just go for it. THe universe was uspet.
Myron led the way and bellowed “heroes in … heroes with the shieled.. “. It was inspiring. Kolo killed a puppy word and then i managed to catch up. I didnt know what the plan was so i just euthanised one of the doggies with my gun. The big red guy started runnign at us, myron took a shot but it just pinged off him. The other orcs all started runninig too and closing in us again. Dave jar view. Myron stood bravely while the rocs just tried to hit him but could not. Rippy turned up. We felt bad for forgetting him again but he does feel absent. Myron is left handed btu he often forgets. He started wailing on the orcs and just kept going slashing and firing and slafhign and firing. Suddenlt there was a giant squawk that was so loud, and a creature started swooping down into the room. It was a griffin (don’t know hw to spel that) and the red man jumped onto the griffin. Kolo started killing and I lined up a myron bullet and it was a good hit on the red man and his griffin. Rippy killed an orc. But mre kept coming. So many. This job started off being just about killing a few orcs. Kolo thinks we’ve actually what weve really did is just genocided a orc village. The red man did a battle cry and threw a spear at kolo. Kolo didn’t even care. So many orcs started wailing on myron and rippy. Rippy’s influence was great for us and myron and kolo just kept shrugign off laods of the attacks. Bernie said he didnt know what to do, myron rolled his eyes and shouted “kill orcs” as he was still being hounded by like 5 orcs who could not even hit him ha. BErnie shouted “gabrins attack pattern beta”, which was confusing because we have not ever discussed our tactics with him and pattern beta refers to when youre setting the table and put the kinfe on the left and the fork on the right to add some fun to the meal. The griffin flew at me. ME. it attacked me with its claws but rippys influence meant it didnt hurt so bad. I backwards rolled to bernie and shot the red man and his grififn again with explosion bullets. Theyexploded everywhere hahahahah. Rippy got whippy and whipped the guy so good, really satisfying crack to it. The red man jumped off his griffin at me and did three I kid you nto THREE attacks at me. Luckily rippys effects helped a lot and the golden lion armor kicked in whichalso helped because otherwise i would not be alive anymore. EVEN MORE ORICS CAME RUNNING IN. It was getting hard to tell what was going on because crazy amounts of blood and orc meat everywhere. Bernie came up to the red man and grabbed his throat with the electric gaunlet and shouted at him “HERES YOUR KALIMar”” which was the coolest he has been all day (and to be fair he was being cool already). The red man lit up like a winter solstice tree. He yelled at me to finish him. Myron carried on slewing through orcs shouting at us that our job is to kill the red man and his job is to hol dback the orc whoredes. The griffin tried to grab me which it couldnt and then it tried to claw but it could not. Stupid bird. Kolo tried his daggers but he didnt look so healthy on his toes and his hands looked weird like flowers to him. I shot the red man and his chest exploded with blood splattering everywhere. As he felel the red paint formed around the hole and he just got back up on his feet and said “Kalimar” again and he looked mental angry. Probably not good. The red man walked up to bernie and just hit him over and over and over and over, so gorey. It was getting silly how many orcs were here. Bernie missed a stab. This griffin just wont give up on me but luckily its pretty rubbish. Kolo seemed to come to his sense and he legged it, grabbing me by the hand and we ran back and then turned round and did the all time classic GABRIn DOUBLE SHOTARU!!!!!! Striaght into the red man. Rippy kept being whippy. The red man turned to a bleeding barely standing bernie. It was an ominous moment. Bernie fell from his hit and it didn’t look good. Myron was surrounded by 15 orcs I kid you not. The griffin went for rippy It’s not a very useful griffin. Kolo lined up his shot and destoryed the red man once and for all. I ran up and helped bernie with a gun zappy. I watched the red man lie on the floor the red ooze puddling around his decimated body. I passed out breifly, myron had 8 orcs attackhim but shrugged it off. Then the unthinkable happened! The griffin got riphard and flew him away. We could not even see him. He is probably dead. Kolo and I chased the griffin down and took aim unleashing an almost deadly barrage.
Riphard knew only he could save himself, he prepared his whip and gritted his teeth, and whipped it at disadvantage and whipped it to death, 50 ft in the air. He fell along with the dead griffin and kept singing his song as he fell, landing with little more than a gentle thump. Riphard is a fucking hero.
The orcs descended on bernie and myron whilst kolo and i saw to rippy. Bernie survided that by the skin of his teeth. They tried to hit myron but ineffektual again. The guy is so dreamy. Kolo and I just started picking off orcs. At this point it wasf just mopping up the last orcs and mop up we did. Kolo did do a sweet belly slide along the ball bearings as he shot the orog. Kolo also did another roll and picked up benries crossbow and kept mrudering. Bernie finally killed somethign and it was the last one.
Myron stood in the place hed stood all fight, looked smug and said “strats and stats turtle brothers, strats and tats”. Too right. We all layed down and enjoyed a bit of being alive. After a while we had a look around, and founda big hole full fo red goo that went dep dep dep into the earth. Myron said he could hear depp bestial roars from afar. I took a sampel of the goo for later to analyse. We seracehd around but couldnt find so much apart from bones and basic equipment. Little bit of money. Kolo tried to give myron 1000gp. He is kind and good at sharing. Myron and Rippy went off to host a feast for the orc hareem on his weird snow man wolf meal he made. They are emancipated now.
WE decided to throw th elast bundle of the dynamite into it because why not? Then we blocked it up with rocks.
Well that was our day dear diaryf. To be honest i cannot really believer that we didn ot all die buat you know what, sometimes you shuldnt question life. We all had a really nikce day and literally genociked a whole orc population and i think we have all become better frineds so overlal I would rate the orc cave as 110% fun. Time to go get stanri :) x x x x
“Love Doesn’t Have a Height Limit: A Short Love Story” - by Sexmerah Haramxe
Delilah was a little gabrin who was very isnterested in lots of fings like making robuts and also goin on advenshures with her brother and she knew lots of fings about lots of tfings. But what she didnot about was love becaus she was not yet a gabrin woman yet. But then one day when she was on ad adventure she met a gnome who waz the most handsmoe gnome she had ever seen. He was called arbiter nyron and he was an arbiter who worked at hunting monsters and Delilah could not even know that waht he also hunted was her heart.
“Love doesn’t have a height limit: A short love story” is a story that is abodut love and romnace and erotisism and body changes and emancipation and and it also is a comedy a little bit. It is based on a tru story.
“Reads like the hormone-induced fever-dream of a semi-autistic teenager who I’m not really sure has ever really met a male let alone “received his pacifier into [her] bagsy”. A low point for both literature and race relations” - The Hope’s Rest Times
“A masterpiece of female sexuality and dating in the modern world. As erotic as it is inspiring in its openness and willingness to explore the taboo“ - The Guardian
“Not sure if joke?” - Roger Ebert
© Last Laugh Publishing House, 20sp 4cp
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0x70960000: SortServer2003Compat.dll (size: 0x0000E000, entry point: 0x70968F20) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\SortServer2003Compat.dll 0x74330000: IMM32.DLL (size: 0x00025000, entry point: 0x74334440) - C:\Windows\System32\IMM32.DLL 0x76030000: ole32.dll (size: 0x000EA000, entry point: 0x76068660) - C:\Windows\System32\ole32.dll 0x74020000: VERSION.dll (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x74021790) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\VERSION.dll 0x73FD0000: WINMM.dll (size: 0x00024000, entry point: 0x73FD48E0) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WINMM.dll 0x61520000: DDRAW.dll (size: 0x000ED000, entry point: 0x61536AC0) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DDRAW.dll 0x73CF0000: WSOCK32.dll (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x73CF1730) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WSOCK32.dll 0x75490000: WS2_32.dll (size: 0x00063000, entry point: 0x754AB7E0) - C:\Windows\System32\WS2_32.dll 0x73D20000: WINMMBASE.dll (size: 0x00023000, entry point: 0x73D28300) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WINMMBASE.dll 0x67B90000: DCIMAN32.dll (size: 0x00007000, entry point: 0x67B91FC0) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DCIMAN32.dll 0x76140000: PSAPI.DLL (size: 0x00006000, entry point: 0x76141450) - C:\Windows\System32\PSAPI.DLL 0x736A0000: IPHLPAPI.DLL (size: 0x0002F000, entry point: 0x736A4B00) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\IPHLPAPI.DLL 0x6D6A0000: uxtheme.dll (size: 0x00075000, entry point: 0x6D6D5740) - C:\Windows\system32\uxtheme.dll 0x6D680000: dwmapi.dll (size: 0x0001F000, entry point: 0x6D683D50) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dwmapi.dll 0x725B0000: WININET.dll (size: 0x00266000, entry point: 0x727027F0) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WININET.dll 0x6A580000: iertutil.dll (size: 0x00229000, entry point: 0x6A7316F0) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\iertutil.dll 0x6BC50000: ondemandconnroutehelper.dll (size: 0x00010000, entry point: 0x6BC54460) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\ondemandconnroutehelper.dll 0x735C0000: winhttp.dll (size: 0x000A0000, entry point: 0x735FDEB0) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\winhttp.dll 0x71F90000: mswsock.dll (size: 0x0004E000, entry point: 0x71F9C990) - C:\Windows\system32\mswsock.dll 0x6CF30000: WINNSI.DLL (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x6CF31F90) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\WINNSI.DLL 0x75F40000: NSI.dll (size: 0x00007000, entry point: 0x75F41DA0) - C:\Windows\System32\NSI.dll 0x71F10000: DNSAPI.dll (size: 0x0007D000, entry point: 0x71F34140) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DNSAPI.dll 0x6A820000: urlmon.dll (size: 0x00194000, entry point: 0x6A8A9C50) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\urlmon.dll 0x70940000: rasadhlp.dll (size: 0x00008000, entry point: 0x70941910) - C:\Windows\System32\rasadhlp.dll 0x70A80000: fwpuclnt.dll (size: 0x00049000, entry point: 0x70A95FC0) - C:\Windows\System32\fwpuclnt.dll 0x704F0000: dhcpcsvc.DLL (size: 0x00014000, entry point: 0x704F3B10) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\dhcpcsvc.DLL 0x74FE0000: MSCTF.dll (size: 0x00135000, entry point: 0x7502E420) - C:\Windows\System32\MSCTF.dll 0x68570000: mscms.dll (size: 0x00085000, entry point: 0x685803B0) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\mscms.dll 0x73670000: USERENV.dll (size: 0x0001A000, entry point: 0x736749C0) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\USERENV.dll 0x51520000: icm32.dll (size: 0x0003D000, entry point: 0x51529BA0) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\icm32.dll 0x75400000: clbcatq.dll (size: 0x00084000, entry point: 0x75424B30) - C:\Windows\System32\clbcatq.dll 0x5AF50000: DSOUND.DLL (size: 0x00089000, entry point: 0x5AF987B0) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\DSOUND.DLL 0x68D30000: MMDevApi.dll (size: 0x00058000, entry point: 0x68D53470) - C:\Windows\System32\MMDevApi.dll 0x70700000: DEVOBJ.dll (size: 0x00022000, entry point: 0x70709500) - C:\Windows\System32\DEVOBJ.dll 0x707B0000: PROPSYS.dll (size: 0x0014F000, entry point: 0x70810B10) - C:\Windows\System32\PROPSYS.dll 0x68CB0000: AUDIOSES.DLL (size: 0x0007B000, entry point: 0x68CD78B0) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\AUDIOSES.DLL 0x68BE0000: wintypes.dll (size: 0x000CF000, entry point: 0x68C4D390) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\wintypes.dll 0x5BF30000: avrt.dll (size: 0x00009000, entry point: 0x5BF31C90) - C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\avrt.dll 0x514E0000: dplayx.dll (size: 0x00039000, entry point: 0x51510310) - C:\Windows\system32\dplayx.dll } Command Line { <#hota> } \Data files: { \diff.dat \H3ab_ahd.snd \H3ab_ahd.vid \H3ab_bmp.lod \H3ab_spr.lod \H3bitmap.lod \H3sprite.lod \Heroes3.snd \HiScore.dat \HotA.lod \HotA.snd \HotA.vid \HotA_lng.lod \orig.dat \RMTNS4RC.BIN \RMTNS4SC.BIN \VIDEO.VID } _HD_Files (152): { "48x32bFr.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\48x32bFr.bmp "adrollvr_b.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\adrollvr_b.bmp "advmap_d.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_d.bmp "advmap_date.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_date.bmp "advmap_date2.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_date2.bmp "advmap_fill.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_fill.bmp "advmap_l.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_l.bmp "advmap_ld.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_ld.bmp "advmap_lu.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_lu.bmp "advmap_r.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_r.bmp "advmap_rd.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_rd.bmp "advmap_rr.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_rr.bmp "advmap_ru.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_ru.bmp "advmap_ru_v2.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_ru_v2.bmp "advmap_u.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\advmap_u.bmp "aresbar2_l.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\aresbar2_l.bmp "aresbar2_m.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\aresbar2_m.bmp "aresbar2_r.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\aresbar2_r.bmp "aresbar_l.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\aresbar_l.bmp "aresbar_m.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\aresbar_m.bmp "aresbar_r.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\aresbar_r.bmp "artslot.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\artslot.bmp "bckpck.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\bckpck.def "BkPack.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\BkPack.bmp "Bl3DCcav.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\Bl3DCcav.bmp "Bl3DCvex.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\Bl3DCvex.bmp "BuyAllBk.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\BuyAllBk.bmp "CampBr_d.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\CampBr_d.bmp "CampBr_l.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\CampBr_l.bmp "CampBr_r.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\CampBr_r.bmp "CampBr_u.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\CampBr_u.bmp "CCNSShd.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\CCNSShd.bmp "chat_2cn.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\chat_2cn.bmp "chat_2cp.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\chat_2cp.bmp "chatabk.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\chatabk.bmp "chatbbk.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\chatbbk.bmp "chatobk.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\chatobk.bmp "chatstat.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\chatstat.def "ChkBlue.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\ChkBlue.def "close16.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\close16.bmp "ComOpB2.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\ComOpB2.bmp "csb.otf" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\csb.otf "cursors.dll" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\cursors.dll "ddb.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\ddb.def "default.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\default.def "DlgBluBk.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\DlgBluBk.bmp "DlgBluBo.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\DlgBluBo.def "DlgDBlBk.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\DlgDBlBk.bmp "down16.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\down16.bmp "DrDoCoBk.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\DrDoCoBk.bmp "Files.ini" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Compability\#hota\Files.ini "FM_Dir.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\FM_Dir.bmp "FM_DirBk.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\FM_DirBk.bmp "GARRIPOP.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\GARRIPOP.bmp "GENRLTXT.RUS" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\GENRLTXT.RUS "GldBtn.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\GldBtn.bmp "GldBtn2.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\GldBtn2.bmp "global16.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\global16.bmp "H3ac1.asi" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\H3ac1.asi "hd3_cbar.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd3_cbar.bmp "hd3_copl.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd3_copl.bmp "HD_CamCu.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_CamCu.bmp "HD_CBar.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_CBar.bmp "HD_CoPla.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_CoPla.bmp "hd_fr_d.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_fr_d.bmp "hd_fr_f.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_fr_f.bmp "hd_fr_l.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_fr_l.bmp "hd_fr_ld.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_fr_ld.bmp "hd_fr_lu.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_fr_lu.bmp "hd_fr_r.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_fr_r.bmp "hd_fr_rd.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_fr_rd.bmp "hd_fr_ru.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_fr_ru.bmp "hd_fr_u.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_fr_u.bmp "HD_GSelP.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_GSelP.bmp "HD_kRes4.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_kRes4.bmp "HD_kResB.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_kResB.bmp "hd_mov1l.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_mov1l.def "hd_mov1r.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_mov1r.def "hd_movl.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_movl.def "hd_movr.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_movr.def "HD_OvCas.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_OvCas.bmp "HD_Puzzl.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_Puzzl.bmp "HD_QVBK.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_QVBK.bmp "hd_split.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_split.def "HD_THBCS.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_THBCS.bmp "HD_THBRM.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_THBRM.bmp "HD_THBTW.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_THBTW.bmp "HD_TownS.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Compability\#hota\HD_TownS.bmp "HD_TPCa7.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_TPCa7.bmp "HD_TPCa8.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_TPCa8.bmp "HD_TPMa4.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_TPMa4.bmp "HD_TPMag.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_TPMag.bmp "HD_TPRan.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_TPRan.bmp "HD_TStat.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_TStat.bmp "HD_VWrld.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HD_VWrld.bmp "hd_xchng.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\hd_xchng.def "HPSRAND4.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HPSRAND4.bmp "HStInf.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\HStInf.bmp "iam_dig.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\iam_dig.def "iam_puz.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\iam_puz.def "iam_turn.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\iam_turn.def "iam_view.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\iam_view.def "icons.otf" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\icons.otf "ircma.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\ircma.def "ircmi.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\ircmi.def "List10Bk.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\List10Bk.bmp "List10Sl.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\List10Sl.bmp "lock16.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\lock16.bmp "magtitle.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\magtitle.bmp "mapgrid.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\mapgrid.def "Mov1LM.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\Mov1LM.def "Mov1RM.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\Mov1RM.def "msgs16.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\msgs16.bmp "ncs75.otf" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\ncs75.otf "Pack.ini" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Compability\#hota\Pack.ini "PassEdBk.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\PassEdBk.bmp "persof16.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\persof16.bmp "person16.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\person16.bmp "playin16.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\playin16.bmp "privat15.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\privat15.bmp "PSKIL21.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\PSKIL21.def "qcb.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\qcb.def "QuesLoFr.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\QuesLoFr.bmp "radar_h.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\radar_h.bmp "radar_v.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\radar_v.bmp "rating16.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\rating16.bmp "repmt.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\repmt.def "RmgTTBk.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\RmgTTBk.bmp "saved16.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\saved16.bmp "saved16o.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\saved16o.bmp "SCSelBck.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SCSelBck.bmp "SimpFram.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SimpFram.def "SpelBk2.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SpelBk2.bmp "stripe3d.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\stripe3d.bmp "SwAML.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SwAML.def "SwAML_M.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SwAML_M.def "SwAMR.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SwAMR.def "SwAMR_M.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SwAMR_M.def "SwCML.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SwCML.def "SwCMR.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SwCMR.def "SwFL.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SwFL.def "SwFR.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SwFR.def "SwSpl.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SwSpl.def "SwXCh.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\SwXCh.def "TeamPlSl.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\TeamPlSl.bmp "timchebk.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\timchebk.bmp "TM_RANMA.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\TM_RANMA.bmp "tp_sel.def" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\tp_sel.def "trade3.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\trade3.bmp "TRADE626.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\TRADE626.bmp "TRARROWL.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\TRARROWL.bmp "TRARROWR.bmp" D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\_HD3_Data\Common\TRARROWR.bmp } Main INI {  = 4207201  = "#en.ini"  = 1280, 720  = 5  = 2  = 8  = 2  = 1  = 1  = 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 6, 0  = 0  = 0   = 0  = 0  = 1  = 1  = 1  = 1   = 1  = 1  = 1  = 0  = 1  = 0  = 0  = 0  = 1  = 1  = "D:\Program Files\Heroes of Might and Magic III Complete\"  = 5  = 5  = 5  = 5  = 2  = 3  = 1  = 1  = 0 
= 1
= 10
= 10
= 1 } HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion { ProductName: Microsoft Windows XP CurrentVersion: 5.1 CSDVersion: Service Pack 3 BuildLab: 14393.rs1_release_inmarket.170303-1614 } GetVersionEx { PlatformId = 2 Version: 5.1 Build: 2600 CSDVersion = Service Pack 3 ProductType = 1 SuiteMask = 256 } Some ingame values { FullScreen Mode = 1 Game Type = 0 Network Game = 0 Me: 0 Active Player: 0 Active is Human = 1 Day = 1 11 Map file = [HotA] Province.h3m Last RMG Seed = 0 }
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2014.01.09 00:30 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: Hey! I'm MasakoX, TeamFourStar's Goku - AMA!

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Date: 2014-01-08
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Questions Answers
How long are you going to take the DBZA series? like to the buu saga? The intention is to go as far as possible. :)
Will you guys be taking on GT? Not likely but ya never know.
Do I need an adult? I AM AN ADULLLT!
Why didn't you DOOODGE??? WHAAHHAHAHAhah!
How did you find a group of people that could immitate the DBZ voices so well all with the common goal of making DBZ hilarious? Well, we just started doing the voices the way we imagined them and over time developed them into what they are today. Practice and enthusiasm! :)
How did the core group from TFS get started? Did you all know each other already through school or work and decide to do DBZ Abridged? Or was it some crazy random happenstance that brought you guys all together (Possibly involving lasers and horrible hair removal surgeries)? We knew each other from other abridged projects and then Kaiser made the jump to all of us to join him in conquering DBZ to which we all gladly participated. :D.
I love how your voice sounds like an English-ized version of Goku's Japanese voice actor, rather than imitating the English voice actors. Was this intentional? Aww thank you! I try to make a Goku which is a mix of every Goku done before to make a voice which is the most enjoyable.
Do you have any favorite scenes? All of Episode 30.
What do you and Goku have in common? Do you hope Akira Toriyama knows about DBZ Abridged (and is a fan)? What pickup line would Goku use to hit on a Sailor Scout? Thank you all for all of your hard work. We're both plucky and happy individuals! It'd be nice if he was but I'm not expecting it all. Umm...they're 14?
What is your favorite character voice that you do? It starts with G and ends in oku. :D.
Can I get another hint, please? MUFFINS!
If contacted by Roosterteeth for a role in RvB or RWBY, how would you respond? "Thank you very much! Please excuse while I just blow up with excitement."
What are your plans once DBZ Abridged is finished? Maybe go back to Dragonball? We're focusing on DBZ first though.
The setup-foreshadowing gags you could pull would be downright amazing. The recent Dead Zone one even had some hints of that, which I downright loved and would adore seeing more of. *I'm gonna steal that kid. * Yeah, that was nice to revisit the movie from doing it in 2007. :)
If you could Abridge ANY anime/cartoon, what would it be? EDIT QUESTION: What would you recommend to someone hoping to abridge something at some point in time? I'd love to give Nadesico another shot. I was in one a while back but it ended after a couple of episodes sadly. :/
Have you or any of the TFS voice actors ever gotten contacted by a professional VA agency? Ever thought about making voice acting into your profession? Not as such. Our buddy Antfish is moving up in the pro circuit in Canada which is great for him. We couldn't be prouder for the chap. :)
How did you score such an awesome opportunity? Aww, that's kind of you to say but I just do what I do is all. :3.
What are some things that you would've liked to been able to do with the series that you weren't? What are some things that you have planned for the series that you'd love to share with us? Well, I'm not the writer on the show but I know that the guys like to keep things a surprise. :)
off, wanted to say thank you and that I absolutely love your guys' hard work and dedication. And now a question/questions. Being overseas to most of the other cast and crew must make things a bit difficult. Do you think you have any intentions to move over here? Or is this something that, while fun, you don't feel like is worth that big of a life change (which is understandable)? Well, in terms of moving out...if I could get all the paperwork sorted and more money in my pocket then yeah, I'd love to. However, I need to focus on improving myself and getting work here. It's not set in stone. But it's a pretty thing to look at from a distance.
Also, any plans so far to voice anything in Attack on Titan Abridged? As for Attack on Titan Abridged...maybe. Wait and see.
Have you ever met Sean Schemmel? If so, what was that encounter like? Not yet, no. I'd like to though someday.
Hey :) Genuinely interested to know what life was like for you before TFS, before voice acting. What direction where you going with your life? Where did you think you'd end up? What would you have been otherwise? Sorry for the bloated question :( Pretty lonely. I didn't have many friends before TFS and abridging and was overweight. Really overweight. I knew I wanted to go into editing and TV but the future future...that was unsure. Now I know for sure. Inspiring others through pretty graphics. :D.
How did you an Vegeta first meet and decide "We should do a parody of Naruto?" Do you guys still keep in touch? We did a fandub back in the day of Karin and connected. It was all history from there.
Is there any fun part of working with the others in Teamfourstar? Being with such awesome people. I love every minute of it!
I see, I used to LOVEEE Naruto Abridged back in High School, had most of the episodes on my iPod. I've heard you on Wha-Chow quite often, is it fun going on there and just being...insane? It is pretty fun going on WhaChow but it's on at 1am my time so it's hard to get on. ;
Makes sense, Two more questions and I'll let ya be. First how's life been like since you lost 200 pounds? And is there anything that really keeps you motivated to keep those pounds you lost, away? It's been so liberating, to be able to do whatever I want and go where I choose without worrying if there's a seat that'll fit. I'm motivated by the thought of putting it back on - I don't wanna do that. Plus I feel fitter.
Is there something (a hobby, for example) that you really tried to like, but just never could get into? Also, thanks for being amazing at what you do! <3. I keep dipping in and out of music production and would love to be able to make songs but I can't quite get my head around it. It's a shame when you're creative and don't know how to express it. You're welcome! :D.
I wanted to say a personal thanks to the Dragonball Z Abridged team. What you people do is a great effort, and is well worth the long wait periods in between episodes, regardless of any complaints you may hear. Edit: and a question. What's the funniest part of the series for you? Which characters, episodes, or jokes are your favorites? Thank you so much for those comments. We try and provide episodes as fast as possible but ya know...life. :P.
How is it that Ktas made more sense than the original anime? Was is it working with the source material? Also thanks for the laughs! Ahahahaaa. Kampfer. I love that show. It has so much charm and it's certainly in my top 10. I tend to make things make more sense. XD.
Hi, Masako. I used to go to your BlogTV shows. As you know it recently went away and I sent you a message I don't know if you got it, but since then are you considering broadcasting on any other sites or are you kind of done with it? Hey, EPrime! :D Well, I do have various accounts but since I have a PS4 I may bolster up my Twitch account and focus on any future streams there.
What's your psn? Huge fan of your work by the way. DBZ abridged and YGOTAS are my 2 favorite YouTube series. I appreciate everything you, and the abridged community in general due. It's MasakoX2. :)
Have you guys ever considered making your own series? Such as FreddieW Videogame Highschool. I do have a series of sorts on YouTube called The Data Bus where I review and talk about tech which is my passion. :)
What are the plans for Hellsing Abridged? Last I heard you were going to try for 2 eps a year or something like that? If so, when should we be expectingish the next ep? We wanna try do 2 episodes a year but it's ultimately down to time and whether 2 a year is viable. 1 is certainly.
Hey MasakoX huge fan!!! What is your favorite episode of dbza that you have done? What other voices do you do other than Goku? And what inspired the way Goku acts and sounds in dbza? And finally where did Goku get that muffin? Thank you, hope you're having a good evening! Probably Episode 30 - such a landmark episode. I voice Gohan as well! Like father, like son!
What was/were your favorite moment(s)? Probably recording for the first Super Saiyan moment in Episode 30 - truly a honoured moment.
>Like a Kit-Kat bar. Your delivery of that line, as well as the modified monologue (Lightbulb in the darkness!) were downright amazing. That's the kind of quality I expect from blockbuster animated movies. Keep up the great work. The Omniverse speech is now burnt into my brain! XD.
Are you gay for that Psyguy guy? Awww yeah. I'm all about the butt. ;)
Isn't it a bit weird making an abridged series for "Attack on Titan" when the manga hasn't even concluded? Wouldn't the writing be different if you knew more about the end of the series? Well, the anime series has finished and we tend to go on the basis of the anime rather than the manga.
What do you think of the new DBZ blu ray set? I've heard mixed opinions. :/ Cropped black bars again? Really? Really?
How does it feel to know that you took part in probably one of the most popular and kickass Death Battles of all time? It was a true honour. To be part of answering a question so signifcant on the internet is stunning and one of the best roles ever. 10 million views and still going strong. Actually it's been a year since it came out! :O.
Awesome And if I may ask you as Goku: How does it feel to know that your battles don't cause as much damage to the city and cause civilian casualties like Superman does? Poopy. >(
When are you guys planning on ending DBZ Abriged? Thanks for your work I love your show. We plan to go on as long as we can!
Do you guy's think you will do a abridged movie of DBZ Battle of Gods if possible? In the looong run. Characters in that haven't shown up yet and the guys have yet to come up with solid ideas yet.
What was your favourite line from Dragonball Z abridged? That you said, or any of the other guys. Any scream!
Given the choice between a bearded axe and utter happiness, who would win a thumbwrasslin' match? E:i can haz spel. The rocket powered fist!
When's the next episode comming out? Thanks for all that you do! Before the end of this month. :)
Are we ever going to see kampfer abrdged xmas special??? Eventually. Trouble is, the episode is so nonsensical and have only JUST come up with a concept! XD.
As most, I want to leave the comment that first shouts praises because I'm a big fan of DBZ Abridged. With that said, my question is in reference to the show and your opinion on something. As an avid watcher, what I've appreciated the most was how Abridged could cover a good span of at least 4 or 5 episodes in one episode. That, or just plain skip a bunch. What I'm noticing now, is that with the Android Saga, It seems at though EVERY scene from the original show is incorporated into the new episodes of Abridged, and thus it looks like one episode of Abridged is just a parody of one episode of DBZ. Granted, the dialogue is still mostly different (which I've noticed more repeated lines in these newest episodes), it's feeling like we're moving just as slow in Abridged as in the original show. What's your thought on the pace slowing down immensely from the original 20 episodes? Well, the part of the saga we're in now is pretty plot heavy and if we skipped too much some parts wouldn't make sense. Once the groundwork is laid, the speed will pick up again when the fighting increases. The usual rate is 2-3 episodes per abridged episode. 2-3:1.
How long can do the Goku voice before you mess up your voice? Oh I can do the normal Goku voice all day! :3.
Yo, MasakoX! Hey!
You mentioned your weight loss earlier in the thread - I had a while back seen you in some very early vids and I have to say, the change is astounding. My hat off to you, sir. Thank you so much. It was hard but it worked out in the end. I lost about 200 pounds over around 2 years. Changed my life forever!
On to questions - do you know how aware the English VAs of are of DBZA? Have any of them bumped into you (or any other T4S member) at cons and recognized you/them? I think they're aware of it, not sure of how much exactly. But being aware is enough for me. :)
I wanted to say thank you guys for putting so much effort into DBZ Abridged. I want to ask you this, how you guys came up with DBZ Abridged? You're welcome! It all started with KaiserNeko and his desire to make a DBZ parody and asking us to join him. We said yes. Very yes.
off: Thank you. Just thank you. Secondly: What's going to happen to Gohan's voice when he grows up? Since you voice both Gohan & Goku, and their voices are quite similar as they already are, I'm interested if any thought has gone into it for the future? Well, for now Gohan's voice will stay the same as he doesn't grow up too much but we'll see what happens.
Where does the money from the episodes of team four star go to? please actual answer. In terms of money from episodes? There is none. No money is made from the episodes themselves. T-Shirt Money provides a little bit but that's about it. Now we're branching out to more content, it'll go towards our future goals to provide more and better content for you guys.
Love, love, LOVE DBZ Abridged! I would like to take this opportunity to thank you guys for doing your best to keep the episodes coming. I cannot even imagine how much work goes into maintaining the quality with all the fan pressure you all must be under. That being said, what was/is your favorite project to work on besides and DBZ-A? Thank you so much. I like to work on my voice acting a lot as well as my tech reviews and other things. I'm a busy bee!
No money is made from the epi. But youre on a partnered account that doesnt make sense. its cool that youre making money. but how do you have costume title cards for the eps if youre not on a partnered account. We haven't enabled ads on our episodes. :)
How does it feel to be working with such equally talented people? It's an honour to work with them and to call them my friends. I love every second of it. :)
How did you first feel about portraying Goku? He's an obvious major role in DBZ, did you ever think that maybe you weren't right for the role? Also I've always wondered do all of the TeamFourStar actors meet to record their lines? Or do you just record them in your own time and send them to be edited? I was keen from the beginning and felt I could do it justice. Over time I feel I can improve but I got the basic Goku-ness down pretty well I think. What do you think? ":)
Also thank you for allowing me to watch Dragon Ball Z again from a different perspective! We record separately on Skype so we don't get to meet in person sadly. It'd be awesome though if we did.
I agree that you have the Goku down, it's a good mix of innocence and simple, I really enjoy it. It's great to hear that you enjoy making it (no point doing something you don't enjoy), it's great that all of you guys are still great friends as well :) Oh for sure. We're true bros. :D.
, thank you for giving us such a great Abridged Series. It's my favorite by far. LittleKuriboh made it popular, but you guys perfected it (with help from LittleKuriboh himself. It's a shame Frieza is done). You're most welcome! Oh hey now, LittleKuriboh will always be someone we look to and someone we love dearly as a great friend and inspiration.
Do you guys have plans for when you eventually finish with Dragonball Z? This is far in the future, but I'm curious if there are any plans. We might go to Dragonball maybe? Wait and see. :)
How does somebody develop such amazing talent for voice acting? You do it so well. As a highschool guy doing voices in his "fuck-around" time, I don't know much about it, so are there any articles or books you read? We just kept doing it for fun. Practice every day and it'll come to you. :)
things first I want to thank you and all of teamfourstar for doing what you guys do, from the bottom of my heart I thank you. Now two questions, 1.What was the show that got you into anime? 1) Sailor Moon - I watched Project A-KO and Ranma before but Sailor Moon was the first show I knew was anime and it gave my 13 year old self...feelings.
What was the moment that you decided to say I want to/can voice act? 2) 2005 - I messaged Kira Buckland and asked for help to voice act and she pointed me to the Voice Acting Alliance. The rest is history .
Ha, thanks man I appreciate the answer. I would say Sailor Moon and DBZ were the pushing point for me. Would love to see Teamfourstar at Otakon this year, but I can dream. I've been to Otakon the last three years. :)
Oh I know that, I have a pic and autograph with you ( which was awesome considering you went through the line signing stuff before the abridged panel two years ago). I enjoy you go there, I am also talking about the rest of Teamfourstar also. Be fun to see them on the East Coast. Oh that panel man. It blew my mind with the line and I had to surf the line and thank people. I wanted to! I'm not sure whether they can get the time to go but someday maybe.
Are there any other character's you would like to voice as the series progresses? Like Goten or Adult Gohan, Buu maybe? I'd like to voice Goten but ultimately it's down to Kaiser and the guys to pick the best voice for the job.
What accents can you do besides english and saiyan. What animes (if any) are you watching right now? (Shit i edited my comment too soon) I can do a decent Australian, Russian and French accents. :)
Any chance of hearing a French and Russian Goku? That'll be kinda awesome. Hmm...
Does your keyboard happen to have a muffin button? I'm working on that. Tried making one but it had computer chips in it instead of chocolate chip.
What is your favorite DBZA line that you read, and what is your favorite line overall? Goku's "Yayyy!" in Episode 34 as well as the Hope of the Omniverse speech in Episode 30.
Once you've finished the series, would you and the rest of the crew ever consider a revamp, or a second take? I think after that time, we'd wanna do something different. But I see what you're thinking with the whole Kai/Z thang.
Will Android 16 be this saga's equivalent of Nappa and Guru? Not as such. Nappa was the Nappa. 16 will be his own creature...robot...thing.
What character do you think you could best voice, not in an abridged but a much more serious just pretty much a reboot of a serious anime? Umm...I'd love to give Shinji Ikari a whirl. Should be fun to whinge and pilot giant robots. :)
What for you has been the most distressing, awkward, or bizarre moment interacting with a fan or fans, weather at a con or over the internet? There was an interview i did that mostly consisted of REM songs. Yeah.
Really love the DBZA series, easily one of the best series on YouTube... Have you guys ever considered, once DBZ is completely covered, doing an abridged series of DragonBall GT or even the original DragonBall? Thank you so much! We might go to Dragonball but for now...wait and see.
Will you guys ever go on with avatar the last airbender abridged? and btw love you guys you really chnaged my lifes! That's down to GanXingBa and at the moment his life is focused on other things so not likely I'm afraid but ya never know.
Would you rather have 100 muffin sized pizzas or 1 pizza sized muffin? Also love your voice on DBZ Abridged. Its absolutely perfect for the part. Oooh good question. And thankies. :D.
Probably the muffin-sized pizzas. I'm more likely to finish them and appreciate the gastronomic delight.
How did you first get into the idea of Voice Acting and how did you go about developing different voices? Do you plan on pursuing it further, beyond DBZ:A? Other than that, thank you for providing us with an amazing, entertaining, and brilliant series! Keep up the good work :D. I just wanted to do it. I had fun making voices and decided to find like-minded people and I did! I wanna be a voice actor but I know it's not a bill-payer. I edit as my career and voice acting will be a secondary one.
I'd just like to say thanks for all the amazing content you and TFS produce. Will we ever see Goku appear in 2 saiyans play? I'd like to do an LP with the others but time zones make it an issue...plus I have a Mac so yeah.
What was it like working with ScreenJunkies for Honest Trailers? Did you come in contact with them, or did they message you? On my end it was simply recording my Goku lines and shipping them out. The chance to work with them though was AMAZING. Such an honour. I love their stuff!
thank you! My fave line of yours is Goku realising he's blond as a super saiyan. Haha, you're welcome! I laughed too when I read that for the first time but when you think about it it makes total sense. He wouldn't look in a mirror and would have no idea his hair was yellow. :D.
My question is: How weird is it when you have to talk to yourself being Goku and Gohan. Do you straight record the whole conversations between them and switch, or do you do all of Goku's lines and later all of Gohan's? It's not strange at all. I can chop and change at the drop of a hat as in essence the two voices are similar in pitch and delivery. But I usually record Goku first and then Gohan to save time and keep the delivery consistent.
I love the series so much. You in particular do an excellent Goku and Gohan. So much so that last week when I watched an episode of the dub I was thrown off by the subtle differences. You guys are now the dub voice in my head. Hehe, thank you. We do our best and keep striving to do so.
I know I'm late and the question might not be answered, but I'll ask it anyway. How have the companies who own the series and the VAs responsible for the original voices responded to your abridged series, specifically DBZA? Were they flattered? Did they give you any tips? That's alright! No problem. They're aware of it, let's say. Not sure about the overall consensus but being aware of it even is plenty for me!
If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be? A really awesome tree. Like a willow. So pretty.
I would like to say that I have been watching your show since nearly day one, and I have shown it to many of my friends, and most of them think that you guys are hilarious. Also, thanks to you guys, I have a great Nappa voice!!! Right, MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX MasakoX? MasakoX. :P.
Glad you like the show so much. :)
Thank you for responding to me!! No worries. Thanks for coming out!
Are you a good singer? I was pretty impressed with your "make a man out of you" parady. Nailing that high note at the end in goku voice. I do like to sing but I'm rather picky and don't let most songs I want to sing get released because I want to be sure I can do it well. High standards. ;
1) Has TFS considered doing more Christmas songs? I loved those! We reckon we've done the whole TFS Christmas song parody ages ago...we could extend some of the ideas some more but other than that it's pretty much exhausted.
2) Please tell me the History of Trunks and Broly specials are in the works? Not yet, but it's in the pipeline. :)
Are you questioning God? I am. Does he like kittens?
What advice/tips do you have for people who want to get into voice acting but have no idea where to start? Give it a shot! We all have a voice, so have fun with it! Relax and enjoy.
Long time fan of yours, love what you and TFS are doing with Dragonball Z abridged! As a sneaky secondary question, does TFS have any plans of abridging the original Dragonball series? We might do...we wanna focus on Z first though.
I want to say thank you, for all the work you guys do. I'm amazed at how every episode you all put out just keeps getting better and better, in terms of quality, storyline, and jokes. You're most welcome. :) We try our hardest.
I'm sure you guys must have quite a large amount of bloopers of funny moments that got recorded. Will there ever be a video released of these moments? Oh we have some!
Could you use the Canadian opening song for one of the episodes? This is it! Well, as much as we respect the Canadian Ocean dub, it's not in our framework to use it I'm afraid.
Aww :( No problem!
Every DBZA episode brings me to tears from laughing so hard! Thank you for providing us with such awesome content, keep up the fantastic work! My question is this, did you ever think you would get this kind of reception and rabid fandom for DBZA? You're most welcome! I'm glad you love our stuff and we will keep doing our best.
Never in a million years. We had no idea this would happen and never intended for it to grow so fast.
The way KaiserNeko described it, none of the voice actors ever do scenes together, have you ever recorded stuff with the actors you're acting with, barring when you play multiple roles? Not as such. We all record with Kaiser and if his character is there too he will bat off voices to help me but usually it's 1-on-1 sessions.
Do you know if we can expect a new attack on titan episode soon? Pretty soon. Hang in there!
You're fist DBZA came out when I was a freshman in highschool. Given the current rate at which you pump out videos, is there any hope that you will get to Buu by the time I get into grad school? Well, we think we could have DBZ before the end of the decade? We don't know for sure but we try to get more out as fast as possible .
Do you ever think about moving to America like LK? In the future, probably. But for now, I need to focus on getting more money and experience here in the UK. :)
Do you think you'll play adult gohan? At the moment, I play Gohan. That's what counts. :)
What anime would you say is your favorite? Not including DBZ. Martian Successor Nadesico. Hands down. I love it.
What do you do outside of DBZA? And would you ever consider becoming a professional voice actor? I work as a professional video editor in real life...and yeah, I'd love to voice act as well as edit. :)
Sweet!! Never heard of it, I'll check it out! Do. You'll love it. It's such an amusing parody of mech anime of the mid 90s.
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